Springy Spring!


This picture of a very pleased Don Gato says it all: Spring has sprung. Hurrah! You can always tell when winter has buggered off because the Australians start to come out of the cracks. If it’s warm enough for the kangaroos, it’s probably safe to go outside.

That’s not to say we didn’t enjoy the winter; we all had plenty of fun slipping over on the ice, breaking our limbs and having perpetually wet socks.* Only joking! The winter here is quite romantic really. Big fluffy snowflakes abound, and the polar bears are always around. But alas, it is now time to say goodbye to old Jack Frost and turn over a new leaf. That’s what makes life here in Ottawa so interesting: the stark difference in seasons really shakes up the pace of life. There was snow a month ago and now I’m sitting here in shorts with the window open at 9pm in evening. Vive la diffĂ©rence, eh?

Things to look forward to:

The Tulip Festival: The Dutch send us about a million guilt-tulips and we Instagram them.

The black bears come out of hibernation: Vegetation everywhere will be slightly pissed off.

Canada Day!!!!!: People do being drunk, Canada is mentioned, no one really knows why.

Isn’t that all very exciting? Thought so! Do come and participate.

Lots of love from OBI

*Wet socks really are the worst.